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****Magical Fun and Some Unexpected Surprises Review by Rox Burkey

This is my first-time reading Author Flossie Benton Rogers. Seraphina is a compelling character developed early in the story to successfully gain reader empathy. I related to the imagery painted by words in my mind’s eye and the sensations felt by the character when she initially tried the spell.

“Holding the sheet of paper between her chin and chest, Seraphina reached inside the magical bag to feel inside. Dry, thank Goddess. Shaking the paper in the air, she folded it carefully and placed it in the bag. She refused to give up her quest to gain Nemani’s favor. Failure was not an option. Tired and disoriented, she decided to try the spell again tomorrow night.

The beach glinted in the starlight, and she made her way up a low incline before another wave of dizziness swept over her. Maybe sitting down for a moment would help. On dry land. Then she’d get up and find her bag and shoes. She knew she had left them right in plain sight. They had to be here. She sank down to the earth, sweeping pebbles and sharp rocks from beneath her, and tucking her feet beneath the long folds of her skirt. She was overcome by the excitement of her undertaking.”

Traveling to a different time stunned Seraphina. She succeeded where she thought she failed. Luckily, she meets Aedar, a formidable enemy, yet protector from other men from his camp. A mesmerizing tale unfolds as Seraphina tries to plan for options to save herself while Aedar focuses on controlling her fate. The flames of desire grow between the protector and prisoner when they are attacked again. Even with their roles reversed to a degree, Seraphina is trying to save her life and remain with Aedar.

The world is well described and picturesque. The main characters are well-developed and likable. Recommended for young adults and above who enjoy an unlikely romance, magic, and time-travel layered with secrets that need to be revealed. Thrilling spicy scenes too! I did not feel like I missed anything by not starting with book 1, but I will be reading more by this author.   

About the Author

Meet Flossie Benton Rogers. This mystic adventurer writes action-packed paranormal fantasy and is known for conjuring the magic in romance. Former library director and teacher. Essential Energy Balancing and Reiki master. Passionate about true love, mystical realms, mythology, cosmology, and hidden realities. Coffee aficionado. Bedazzled thrall of Marigold the fur fae. Loves to hang out with myth, magic, and mayhem.

She is a member of Rave Reviews Book Club (RRBC).

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    • Flossie Benton Rogers

      Thank you for reviewing Time Singer, Rox. A nice surprise on this Wednesday afternoon!

      • RoxBurkey

        A delight. Thank you for stopping by. Share away.

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