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***** Growing Connections            Review by Rox Burkey

I have enjoyed several stories written by Author Yvette Calleiro. Her world-building of Diasodz fascinates me. I found this short story interesting as it shares the warrior training of Valerie—coming of age. Her sister, Alex, is one of the trainers, as are Nolan and Alo. Hannah, Valerie’s friend, is also in the training camp. Hannah’s gift gives Valerie hope.

Valerie finds herself immediately smitten with Nolan. Though he may be as well, he keeps his emotions in check, perhaps because he is her trainer. A hint of the sparks between these two reveals itself early on, as this snippet illustrates.

As much as he wanted to ask her to see the mark, the impropriety of it kept his lips sealed. “Can you conjure your weapon-to-call?”

“Of course.” Valerie touched the spot of her marking and instantly held a bow in her left hand and an arrow in her right.

“Impressive! This is not a weapon we train with often, but it is one that will help you hit your targets well before they reach you. Our Goddess has blessed you well.” Nolan studied the bow’s perfection. “Have you practiced your aim yet?”

She straightened her shoulders. “I have not had much opportunity. I’m hoping to learn that skill here.”

The characters are distinctive, making this short story a gem. Valerie’s confidence and strength of conviction build methodically throughout the story. The author expertly illustrates her growth during training and with her assignment partnered with Nolan. When another Diasodz pursues Valerie, she shows her maturing emotions.

The One Chosen is an excellent introduction or companion to the author’s Diasodz series. It adds more substance to the delightful series with romance, magic, monsters, and danger from multiple perspectives. This exciting story grabbed me from the start as Valerie contributes to the battle of good versus evil at her peril.  I highly recommend this story for lovers of fantasy and fans of Yvette Calleiro.

About the Author

Yvette M. Calleiro is a heavily addicted reader of both young adult and adult novels. She spends most of her time pseudo-living in paranormal worlds with her fictional friends (and boyfriends). She’s also been known to ride the stationary bike at her gym for hours while reading anything from paranormal to fantasy to suspenseful thrillers.

When she’s living among real people, Yvette M. Calleiro is a middle school Reading and Language Arts teacher. She’s been sharing her love of literature with her students for over twenty years. Besides writing about the various characters that whisper (and sometimes scream) in her head, she enjoys traveling, watching movies, spending quality time with family and friends, and enjoying the beauty of the ocean.

Yvette lives in Miami, Florida, with her beautiful son who enjoys paranormal and adventurous stories as well. She also shares her space with an assortment of crazy saltwater animals in her 300-gallon tank.

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    • Yvette M Calleiro

      What a beautiful review, Rox! I’m so happy you enjoyed The One Chosen, and I appreciate you sharing it with your readers. Thank you! 😊

      • RoxBurkey

        Good reads are worth sharing. Thank you for stopping by.

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