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In this sequel to Depths of Perception, C.M. takes readers one thousand years into the future after decades of experimentation have altered mankind. Before Earth was destroyed a mere 70 of the best and brightest were selected to remain in cryo-stasis at the bottom of the ocean in a watertight self-sustaining vessel, until the surface could be inhabited again.

The character development from the Captain, leader of the reawakening tribe of scientists, to the youngest Lenny, genetically related to the original master planner of human evolution, is superb. The strength of the Captain in his decision making and support for the team is evident in every activity he undertakes to find a sustainable location to call home. Lenny, grew up deep in an ocean home and only knows about what the world was like from her studies and pictures. Every form of technology is at their disposal and provides filtered water, satellite connections for those still in orbit, and information on occurrence while they slept.

The original archenemy, known as the Nexus was assumed gone and no longer a threat. The fear of the unknown is enhanced by a character known as Nauis, who is a distant genetic ancestor of the humans. The telepathic capabilities of this assigned follower of the vessel, which has now surfaced, tries to learn everything possible about its cousins as well as help when possible.

When Captain awakes, he plays recordings which help set the stage. These really aid the reader in the thousand-year transition and the objectives of a genius. Below is a sampling of the recordings that help the reader become immersed in the possibilities of this world.

“Greetings, Captain. You’ve been in cryo-stasis for over a decade, and the pods are holding well.  Given the progress on the cross-species experiments, I’ve made the decision to flood the colony.  The cold will better keep the systems intact and your bodies frozen. I’ve devised a system for clearing most of the salt out of here, so rust shouldn’t be a problem. Plus, I’ll have one of my little helpers make sure everything remains pristine. Fortunately, they’ve adapted for equal comfort in salty and mostly-fresh water.”

The research that was conducted to make this story surrealistically accurate is fantastic. This is a read that will take you to the future and you will have to pick who you want to be like. Worth your time to enjoy to the surprising conclusion.

About the Author

C. M. Bratton writes novels, novellas, short stories, and scripts for film and stage. These stories represent a mix of fantasy, science-fiction, suspense, magic realism, and yes – comedy! A self-confessed and extremely proud nerd with style, C.M. is a working artist who enjoys meeting new people from all walks of life. In between performing and writing, C.M. is a voracious reader and beach lover – but somehow manages to still get in eight or nine hours of sleep a night. As an avid dragon watcher, C.M. looks forward to writing more worlds and sharing them with her readers.

Keep updated at with links to upcoming books, blogs, projects, and a Fan page. C.M. loves all feedback and/or story suggestions!

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