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***** Heart-wrenching page-turner —- Review by Rox Burkey

Ms. McNiven hooks readers with an unexpected death in the small town. Then she brings the struggles and trials to the new addition to Magnolia Bluff Deputy Detective Madeline Dawson. Though Maddy grew up in the town, she left and only recently returned to town to restart her life on a fresh page and do a great job.

Maddy jogs through the familiar, picturesque streets that remind her of her youth each morning. Today, she’s stunned to come upon the body of a dead young girl, her neighbor. Her police training kicks in, as does her inquisitive nature. The death of Lilly Paine shrouds the community with grief and touches everyone.  No one can imagine who would want to murder the delightful young person. Who would be so callous, and why?

Maddy and her partner, Detective Clay Monroe, work to follow all the clues and come up empty repeatedly. Even though they have a suspect, the lack of solid evidence prevents them from an arrest. Their leads result in dead ends. Ms. McNiven masterfully adds depth to Maddy within the threads of the story, making her a genuine, relatable character.

Who Killed Lilly Paine continues the story of the small town tucked into the Texas Hill Country. The story integrated characters created by authors in the prior twelve books and showed the perspective of K.D. McNiven, yet preserved the characteristics perfectly. This creativity makes the many stories of the Magnolia Bluff Crime Chronicles each a unique experience. Once readers finish this outstanding cozy mystery, they will want to check out the rest of the books for enjoyable reading. Fans of mysteries will embrace this excellent member of the town, delivered by a terrific author. Outstanding.

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I have always aspired to write since high school as well as entertain the idea of becoming an archaeologist or a marine biologist, but never followed through. It only made sense when I began writing novels to incorporate those latent desires into my writing, which you will see when you read my books, The Monkey Idol, a Decker and Callie Adventure book one, followed by Shark Eater, book two, and recently published Sheba’s Treasure, A Sam Carter Adventure. All three are action/adventure thrillers, and they reflect the dreams I’ve carried with me for years. I am hopeful reading through the pages of these books will bring pleasure into the lives of others by living out these exciting adventures in exotic locales. Visit her website o learn about all her fabulous stories.

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