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Story ****  Audible *****   Overall **** Review by rox Burkey

Soul Search is a good story of thrills and suspense in book 1 of the series. Author Reyna Favis creates a creative world with a believable foundation. Reyna pairs the amazing Zackie, a dog who detects spirits lingering amid the living, with a strong character in Fia, who doesn’t fully comprehend her ability to sense the dead. There are surprises at every turn from both living and dead.

Fia and Cam, Zackie’s handler, do not initially like one another. Together this threesome works to search and rescue living people, yet they keep encountering souls who need a different kind of saving. As the story progresses, Cam provides Fia an understanding of her connections to the unliving beings.

The character development is spot on, as is the intermixing of the separate vignettes that allow Fia to understand her powers. Fia is a young girl who left her adoptive parents when they tried to reconcile her behavior with medications. Fia works to earn her way and give back to her community, making her an endearing character. The journey of Fia as she matures and learns to trust is helped by working with Cam and Zackie. Trust is a difficult concept for Fia to accept.

This fast-moving story contains realistic elements and history, making this believable.  The mixture of life lessons is skillfully woven throughout the story, making it thought-provoking long after it ends. It is enjoyable suspense that kept me engaged.

The narration by Eleanor Caudill is excellent in her pace and modulation in her narration. Indeed a voice-actor, Eleanor maintains the different voices of all characters expertly from start to finish. There are no issues with the quality of this audible.

Soul Search is a great start to the series. I look forward to more Zackie stories. Listeners who enjoy tales of supernatural, thrills, ghosts, and suspense will love this book and the series.

About the Author

Author Reyna Favis

REYNA FAVIS gleefully writes tales of supernatural suspense while dust gathers on the vacuum cleaner. Her novels have been praised by readers for the very human stories behind the hauntings that create unexpected plot twists, drama, and even moments of humor. Reyna is a K9 handler for search and rescue and can frequently be found on her belly as she is dragged through the woods by a search dog. If you do not enjoy walks in the woods, she invites you to connect with her on Facebook. Reyna has a PhD in biology and was one lab accident away from becoming a super villain before she took up writing. She lives as an unapologetic introvert with her husband, dogs and cats in New Jersey.

About the Narrator

Voice Actor-Eleanor Caludill

Eleanor the Storyteller, Eleanor Caudill. Eleanor is an audiobook narrator that works out of her professional home studio in Atlanta, GA.

Clients: Blackstone Audio, Deyan Audio, Harper Collins Audio, Blunder Woman Productions, Findaway Voices, The Audio Flow, and several wonderful and talented independent authors.

Genres: Scifi/Fantasy, British Regency Romance, YA, Personal Development, and Psychological Thrillers, so far…


Instagram: eleanor.jewel

Facebook: @eleanorthestoryteller


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