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***** Payback is a Double-edged Pin Review by Rox Burkey

Award-winning author Jan Sikes has a talent for writing compelling stories with surprises along the way. When Claire’s husband seeks a divorce with a devastating impact on her self-confidence and family, she turns to her friend.

Jade provides sympathy and an evening of drinking along with the history of her Haitian grandmother. She is hoping that distraction will help Claire. Their evening provides for distraction and a whopper hangover. I like how Sikes pulls the reader in with believable hooks then takes you along for the read.

Claire Winters put the final stitches in the crudely made Voodoo doll she held in her hands. Her best friend, Jade, looked on and handed her two small buttons for eyes.

“Are you sure I’m not inviting in evil spirits?” Claire asked. “I do have the children to consider.”

“Don’t be silly.” Jade tossed back her long black hair. “This is just to help you find some peace. That’s all.”

“I want his heart to break like mine did when he told me he was in love with someone else and wanted a divorce.” She twisted yarn around the head of the doll, weaving in pieces of blonde hair, and snipped the ends with more force than needed. “How on earth could I have been so stupid?” She slammed the scissors down on the table. “How did I miss the signs? I just thought he’d been working late because of the new project.”

Jade poured two fresh glasses of red wine and pressed one into Claire’s hand.”

I recommend this book for those who like imaginative stories that lead readers down one path and then abruptly turn. Jan crafts a story plot that will make you laugh, gasp, and shake your head in disbelief.  Another fun read.

About the Author

Jan Sikes is an award-winning Texas author who has been called a wordsmith by her peers. She openly admits that she never set out in life to be an author. But she had a story to tell. Not just any story, but a true story that rivals any fiction creation. You simply can’t make this stuff up. It all happened. She chose to create fictitious characters to tell the story through, and they bring the intricately woven tale to life in an entertaining way. She released a series of music CDs to accompany the four biographical fiction books and then published a book of poetry and art to complete the story circle.

And now that the story is told, this author can’t find a way to put down the pen. She continues to write fiction and has published many short stories with a series of novels waiting in the wings. She is a member of the Authors Marketing Guild, The Writer’s League of Texas, Romance Writers of America, and the Paranormal Romance Guild.

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    2 replies to "Voodoo or Destiny: You Decide"

    • Jan Sikes

      Thank you, Rox for the fabulous review!! Much appreciated!!

      • RoxBurkey

        Hi Jan, So easy to do for a great little story. You have a flare.

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