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**** Good YA Story of Family Review by Rox Burkey

Katherine L. Holmes created this young adult as a coming-of-age story of Dawn. The character development of Dawn and her family is well done as well as integral to the story. The small-town mindset of the Alaskan territory included civilized changes. The descriptions were vivid with the delightful narration by Pamela Hershey.

The swans’ story and their annual migration on the Alaskan coast roughly one hundred years ago is a focus. For three generations, Dawn’s family has been involved with the swans’ migration as they return in summer. Dawn’s Grandma Glenda recognizes many of the swans and names them. They care for them and teach their children and children’s children to appreciate these magnificent creatures.

Swan feathers are valuable, and poachers are illegally shooting them then exporting them. Getting common hunters redirected became a common practice. Dawn’s Uncle Alex is a hunter and tries to misdirect poachers to help preserve the swans. Since swans mate for life when a spouse dies, their mate soon follows. Such was the case with one of the birds named Bustle. The family found the dead carcass and fashioned a hat for Dawn’s mom. At the height of the changes in poaching laws, she makes quite a statement by wearing it to town.

This is a good story and recommended for the young adult reader. I liked the flavor and description of the times. The language is easy to listen to and understand. It provides a little history of other cultures and a time sadly gone. The narration was excellent with pacing and tone. There were no issues with the quality of this audible.

About the Author

Katherine L. Holmes lives in Duluth, Minnesota, where, besides writing, she works with used books. She has an M.A. in Writing from the University of Minnesota, obtained after stints in publishing and newspaper reporting. Her first published book, The House in Windward Leaves, became a Finalist in both the 2013 Next Generation and the National Indie Excellence book awards.

More about her and her other books can be found at her blog

About the Narrator

Narrator Pamela Hershey

Pamela is now working full-time in the voice-over field, so she can respond quickly and professionally to complete your voice-over job. Her voice is best described as soft and young, or the “women next door” type. She does professional business voice-over as well as educational and narrative work. She is an experienced audiobook narrator. You can locate her on Facebook

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    • Jan Sikes

      This sounds like a delightful YA book, Rox. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on it. Hope you are doing well!

      • RoxBurkey

        It is a fun look at history and bias of the times.

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