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***** A Stunning Undertaking to Capture Your Imagination – – – – Review by Rox Burkey

One girl’s expedition grabs you with the imagination, action, heartbreak, and compassion from start to finish. Mr. Barnes and Ms. Briles use France 1000 AD as an exciting foundation for the start of this action-packed series. Lisa, daughter to Alexander, the port commander of Marseilles, is a precocious child. She loves her father, who sneaked into his work area at a young age while he worked. He deals with many merchants and goods at his port. He cultivated deep alliances over the years with those in similar roles along the coastlines. Hidden, Lisa watches and listens to the interactions without seeing the faces of the visitors and recognizes the people’s intentions.

Lisa’s mother, Astrid, ignores her daughter, cultivating a son with questionable business acumen and a streak of vindictive hatred. When her father discovers Lisa is the essential protégé he must pass his legacy to, he begins her training earnestly. The relationship between father and daughter is one of deep respect. He trained not only in the business but also in self-defense. He recognized a French girl, even from a wealthy family, was vulnerable to dominating men of questionable honor during this period of history.

The travel Lisa undertook from her home to Paris after her father’s death was planned as a last resort. Her goal to reach Ezra, her father’s trusted friend, was not without adventure, danger, and an opportunity to meet new friends while avoiding enemies. Lisa cuts her hair, dresses in britches, and renames herself Nicole but travels as Nick, a young boy. Readers walk on the shoulder of this determined girl who blossoms into a young woman as she walks, runs, and rides to Paris.

The emotional rollercoaster got delivered in the pages from start to finish. The characters are well-developed, memorable, and relate to the brave Nicole. Nicole is a character one can respect for her ability to rise to any situation and quickly take action. Others like Timo, Robert, Rose, and more play critical roles in her journey to a new home and possible new family. Reading this historical fiction is like playing a multidimensional chess game, where the winning moves get decided in advance.

The Secret Journey is refreshingly original, filled with drama and vivid imagery of life during these times. I am glad there is more planned for this series, and I recommend you start it today. The chapters are bite-sized, fulfilling small moments or demanding page-turning frenzy. Congrats on a five-star story; if only more stars were available.

About the Authors

Author Brian Barnes

Brian Barnes spent decades in construction. While he built and could anything that required a hammer, screwdriver, saw, or drill, his mind filled with stories that only retirement gave him the time to write.

An avid reader of history, historical fiction, and a follower of politics and world events, he is appalled when injustice and stupidity are prevalent in the behaviors of those who are in leadership roles. Much of the underlying theme within The Secret Journey was ignited by such events and the ignorance of what women are capable of accomplishing and achieving.

The Secret Journey is Brian’s debut novel in the Harmonie Books series. He’s now working on The Secret Hamlet, the sequel that will be folled by The Secret Rise.

Calling Colorado home, he’s known as the “fixit guy” to family and friends. Summers pull him and wife Julie into gardening and maintenance with their community of townhomes.

Author Judith Briles

HELLO … I’m the author of 42 books and known as The Book Shepherd, working with authors globally to create and publish books they never regret. If that’s you, let’s connect. Join me on Facebook with the Publishing with the Book Shepherd … each day I add something new … and you are welcome to ask questions, post about your book and share your ahas.

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