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Author Nonnie Jules pens a 5-part Micro Read series on the global impact of COVID-19. Book one digs into the Education controversy faced by the world, with her perspective on reopening schools in the United States. Nonnie’s passion for this subject and extensive research highlights her concerns in rushing to reopen schools. She succinctly makes her case with the details provided.

“During a time when over 150,000 lives have been lost in the U.S. alone due to the Coronavirus, why are we even debating whether to send our kids back to school right now?  Being a mom who values education greatly, and with high-achieving adult daughters on the academic end, I understand the importance of kids being in school.  I am keenly aware that some of these innocent children are suffering by being home for such an extended period, as school provides a haven from abuse and hunger for them.”

Educating our children in 2020 with the uncertainty of COVID-19 is a subject that is top of mind for many parents who would need additional information that this book provides.  With all the noise around this subject in social media, this book helps clarify the data that is available from the medical authorities. I recommend this for parents who want digestible and supporting data to make an informed decision for their children. It is not an easy topic, and the author does a great job of bringing the salient points.

I look forward to the additional volumes in Nonnie Jules’s 5-part Micro Read series.

About the Author:

Nonnie Jules was born in Texas. When she was a mere toddler, her family relocated to Shreveport where red dirt roads and pick-up trucks go hand in hand. She lives in Louisiana today with her husband, two daughters, and their many animals. She loves to write from all genres of literature including short stories, poetry, fiction and non, as well as How-To books.

“The Good Mommies’ Guide to Raising (Almost) Perfect Daughters” was her first book. You can find this one and all her other works on her website BooksByNonnie as well as on Amazon.

Nonnie started her own publishing company along with 3 partners including 4WillsPublishing, due to her strong desire to insure that authors were only putting out THE BEST, and that the readers were only being offered the BEST, and that’s who her company represented. For authors who need support they are invited to check the SERVICES page.

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