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Technology provides for such wide reaching possibilities. The ability for new businesses to be established and flourish with the world of consumers is inspiring.  A a long-time technologist I help others take advantage of new capabilities. I have been very focused in specific areas for a long time.  That is a good news/bad news story. You have to be open to change and evolution to stay up with the times and the technology.

I interviewed a delightful author and speaker last evening. Elizabeth Lentz wrote a book on on reinventing one’s self and really made some awesome points. Not only do we need to not fear change, but embrace it. We have but one life and we need to be true to ourselves and our passions.  She indicated that once over the fear she has continued to reinvent herself and feels invigorated every day because she loves what she is doing. Passion helps overcome learning curves and makes you more confident.

Following our discussion I reflected on how important it is to try new things and not get stuck in a rut. That is one of the main reasons I am working with John Thornhill and his program to expand my influence, reach and positive impact on people.

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