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**** Unpredictable World Upheaval                           Review by Rox Burkey

Author PTL Perrin creates a fascinating world with a foundation of Terra, planet earth, with humans on the brink of fulfilling Cherokee prophecy. The four teenagers targeted to save the world, Jewel, Sky, Pax, and Storm, possess extraordinary powers to help them. At an early age, the elders discovered the identity of these special children, and their parents protected them. These children meet one another at the reservation high school. Until this point, they’ve been homeschooled at accelerated rates—above their peers.

This YA Sci-Fi is told from each teen’s point of view, as highlighted in the chapter headings. It is a fascinating method to push the story forward and captivate the reader. The voices of each of the characters are consistent and made the story better. There is also a religious element as prayers to the Creator or God are spoken at key times.

Sky and Jewel recognize their individual uniqueness as they begin a friendship. The exchange below illustrates Jewel’s abilities. The other three teens have different capabilities.

     “Jewel, is there any way that you’re different from most other people? Other than being my friend, I mean. Why do you wear those glasses all day at school, and why aren’t you wearing them now?”

      I guess it’s okay to ask personal questions, then. What does she mean by that “friend” comment? I’ve never known anyone with as many friends as Sky has.

     “I’m a pentachromat,” I tell her. “I don’t tell anyone. My parents know, of course. Mom ran the genetic tests to figure out why I can see millions of colors most people can’t.”

     She asks, puzzled, “A penta-what?”

     “It has to do with the number of color cone cells in the eyes. Most people have three types of cone cells which allow them to see colors within a limited spectrum. A few have four, which gives them a wider range of colors. I have five, expanding my vision…”

A series of cataclysmic events occur around the planet. Tribal elders bring families of the teens together. They learn about two competing races—Allarans and Dracans, who share the world during these meetings. The Allarans guard the artifacts while also desiring the planet to prosper. The Dracans are seeking the relics that the Creator hid around Earth.  Their searching methods cause disastrous floods and artifact cries for help. 

The teens, according to legend, are the only ones who can preserve the life of the planet. They are uncertain and feel inadequate to meet the enormous challenge. Near the end of the story, one teen is lost and tries to reach out with mental telepathy. I am hoping for book 2 to reveal the fate of the character.

I recommend this exciting story to readers of all ages who enjoy excellent world-building and young heroes.  It is fun but not complete with book 1, and I added book 2 to my wish list.

About the Author

Our planet is full of mysteries that can’t yet be explained either by science or nature. How did these things, these creatures get here? Who made them, or how did they evolve? Are we the only inhabited planet in the vast universe? What if the Creator I believe in cannot be explained, and can’t be put into a box of limited reason? What if he’s populated other worlds? What if our own world contains populations we don’t acknowledge and try to discredit with our modern blinders?

Questions like these have plagued me since childhood, and it’s only recently that I’ve felt the nod from our Creator to explore them in writing.

I grew up as a military Brat, mostly in Europe, with no television and a huge imagination. Books were my entertainment and augmented my very good education in German, Italian and American schools. Books were my lifeline, my ties to worlds I’d never see and to people and characters who enriched my life through their stories.

My first book, Reflections of a Misfit, is just that: snippets of my own life in light of some of the scriptures I read daily. Our family is a rich resource for entertainment and bits of wisdom. If you’re as much a misfit as I am, you might enjoy it and possibly see a little of yourself there.

I wrote the TetraSphere series as pure entertainment, and as a way to answer some of the unanswerable questions about our amazing universe. What if there are inhabited planets interacting with Earth? What happened to Atlantis? What do the giant etchings of Nazca mean, and why can they only be seen from the sky? Do dragons exist? What if the fate of our planet were in the hands of four young people, each with special abilities, and each with his or her own struggles?

I’m Patty Perrin, writing as P.T.L. Perrin, and I’m writing books that I would have loved reading back when we didn’t have television. I’m a proud member of SeaQuill Writers Co-Op, Rave Reviews Book Club, Rave Writers International Society of Authors, and the Florida Writers Association. Terra’s Call was a finalist and Triton’s Call won Bronze in the Royal Palm Literary Awards.

Pick up Terra’s Call and let me know if you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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    • Patty

      Thank you so much for your review, Rox! I’m so glad you enjoyed this first book in the series!

      • RoxBurkey

        Patty, your creativity is delightful. Thank you for a great read.

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