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Author Mark Daniel Seiler presents an inside view of Hawaii and its traditions through the eyes of Gina Mori. Gina is wrapped up in solving the death of her elderly Aunt Nalani who was found at the bottom of a sinkhole. The death is suspicious enough that Gina launches her own investigation when the detectives ignore her concerns.  

As Gina explores her Aunt’s death, she uncovers various details and inconsistencies she becomes further convinced of foul play. Along the way she hooks up with Curly, a stream biologist. They become quite the pair as Gina introduces Curly to her crazy friends, while he tries to avoid her meeting his roommate. At times the yarn seems to meander across Hawaii as pieces come together to form the picture. 

One of the best characters I discovered in this sleuthing adventure is the police forces’ own Carla Moreno. Carla is a war veteran, but a rookie and an under respected woman.  Her tenacity makes her the right friend for Gina on the force and early on she is considered a prize by some of the locals. Her multifaceted character became clearer when she raced her car.

“Nice run, Moreno.” Tanner stared at Moreno’s breasts,

“Thanks. What’s my time?”

“Sorry, the clock’s got a glitch today. You want to go again? On the house. They’re gonna glue the track at 11:00.”

Spraying VHT on the track for better traction would improve her time. “No chance ‘em. My tires still plenty hot,” she explained.

“Hot and spicy.” Tanner raised his eyebrows. “With some wrinkle walls, no one could touch you. You’re a touch light on your backside. That’s why you were so soft out of the gate.”

Moreno blushed. “You think my backside is light for reals?”

This is a complex story that takes you on a ride discovering the different facets of Hawaiian culture. Gina’s father is a Buddhist minister who allows his daughter to make her own choices and applauds her commitment to family and friends.

I recommend this story for those who want a different sort of mystery that bring several threads of a story together in a surprising and unexpected way. Not a typical detective story, but a yarn well spun and compelling to finish. 

About the Author

Award winning author, Mark Daniel Seiler lives on the island of Kauai. When he isn’t playing violin, or building wooden canoes, he enjoys volunteering at the Lawai International Center for Peace. Mark is a master carpenter who was fortunate to join local artist, and masters from Taiwan and Japan, to help build the Hall of Compassion in the Lawai Valley. He is currently studying Shakuhachi in the new Temple.

His debut novel, Sighing Woman Tea was a winner at the Pacific Rim Book Festival 2015, nominated for the Kirkus Prize, and Foreword Indies finalist. Mark’s second novel, River’s Child was awarded the Landmark Prize for fiction, Silver Nautilus Award, da Vinci Eye finalist, Eric Hoffer Award Short List, Next Generation Indie Book Award Finalist, Literary Titan Book Award, National Indie Excellence Award Finalist, Independent Press Award Distinguished Favorite, CYGNUS Book Awards for Science Fiction Finalist, Reader Views Reviewer Choice Award. The early reviews for Shave Ice Paradise (Homebound coming May 2020) are starting to roll in. Mark describes himself as a lifelong learner, who got a very late start.

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