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**** Risky Choices         Review by Rox Burkey

Author Joy M Lilley crafts this contemporary romance between a woman who has a harsh life and her favorite American movie star.

Moyra French grew up in a poor family in Britain post World War II. It was a time when illnesses like tuberculosis had a cure that was nearly worse than the disease. She was diagnosed with this as a preteen and underwent therapy and isolation that impeded her educational progress and earnings potential.

 As a result of her early challenges and a mother who was also ill, Moyra took on raising her siblings, keeping house, and caring for her mother until she died at home.  She married poorly and ended up taking care of a farm with animals.

Tom Ursuline, the American actor, happened to meet Moyra when he stopped for directions.  Sometime after that event, a long-distance friendship started after Moyra learned some social media.

The excellent character development of Moyra followed the path of her life in a manner that allowed me to empathize with her situation. This excerpt helped to set the stage.

“Moyra was now thirteen, and on top of the other expectations of someone still a child she was required to undertake her school work at home. She was not allowed back into her school for another year. That was the ruling in those days. Even though it was believed she was no longer infectious. Her homework was picked up every school day morning by one of her school friends from class and who lived in the next street to Moyra. Her friend had to talk to Moyra a room away as she was not allowed to mix with other young people during this year of purgatory. The fear was that she might pass the disease on to them.”

Moyra’s thirst for romance and wanting to take a risk to make her life more interesting places her at significant risk. That choice was a tipping point.  I recommend this story to those who like the possibilities of fate intervening with an unlikely romance. I look forward to reading more from this author.

About the Author

Joy M. Lilley is a published author of several novels, short stories and has articles published in magazines. She spent a lifetime as a trained nurse before becoming a writer. Her first novel, “Figs, Vines and Roses,” tells of a moving tale of love and loss at the turn of the nineteenth century. Her nursing background gave her the inspiration for the last book, “Times Pendulum Swings Again,” a hospital romance that goes badly wrong. Her novel, “Strawberry Moon,” is set in the Dordogne, France and tells of a young man’s murder. “The Liberty Bodice,” is set in 1922 United Kingdom. When not writing, Joy works as a voice-over artist. She also spends time with her large family, and the little ones affectionately knowing her as Nanny G.



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