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A novel from the Inspector Stark series

**** White Knuckle Suspense Start to Finish        Review by Rox Burkey

Author Keith Wright sets up this story by introducing the main characters as regular everyday people. Paul, his wife Ella, and daughter, Jemma, are at the funeral of Ella’s father. Inspector Stark is getting ready for work when his wife, Carol, suggests he needs to deal with his stress. The normalizing of the characters shows the human side of Inspector Stark.

David went quiet again. He sighed. ‘I’m not going. It’s the beginning of the end, once you start that game.’

‘No, it’s the start of the beginning.’

‘Hang on a minute, I don’t know where the beginning starts, and the bloody end finishes.’ They both laughed.

‘She will help you get yourself sorted out.’ Carol said pleadingly.

‘She won’t, because I’m not seeing her. I know you mean well, Carol, and I’m grateful, honestly, I am, but it’s not an option. If it came out that I was seeing some voodoo bloody head doctor, it just doesn’t bear thinking about what the consequences would be. I would be finished at work. I’m not going. That’s the final word.’

This calm, typical living setup then plunges the reader into the details of the crime when Paul discovers his wife and daughter violently died. Setting the stories in the 1980s gives a great perspective on investigative skills of the times. Without the technology insights, the leadership that Stark provides to his team is key to the investigation. The details of the murders are graphic and realistic, bringing the reader deeper into the story. Keith Wright systematically peels back the characters’ psychology as he builds the tension and uncertainty in this page-turner. I related to poor Paul immediately in his unbelieving confused state.

Serial killers in fiction or reality are awful people. This fiction feels heart-poundingly accurate as new pieces to solving this puzzle is confirmed. I held my breath, hoping the team could catch the rightful killers and bring them to justice.

Murder Me Tomorrow is my first experience with Author Keith Wright. Starting my venture into Inspector Stark with book 5, I was apprehensive that I might be lost. I was delighted to find the story perfect as a standalone, yet I added a few more of the volumes from the series into my wish list. Recommend this story to readers of mystery who don’t want punches pulled in descriptions and accounts of human crime again humanity. Well done Mr. Wright.

About the Author

Keith was brought up on a council estate in a rough area of Nottingham and attended the local comprehensive school. His father was an alcoholic and left when he was ten, his mother, Marie, brought him, and his four siblings up on her own, whilst balancing a full-time job. His mother loved reading and he too became interested. His mother would usually be later home from work than school finishing time, so he would call into the local library on his walk home. Whilst at the time this seemed inconvenient, (although it was a good place to get warm and dry in winter), it was, of course a blessing, as it enabled him to evolve his own love of books.

After being told by his careers officer at school that he had no chance whatsoever of getting into the police force, he decided to try himself, and wandered into the local police station at the age of fifteen to enquire what he must do. By some fluke he managed to pass the entrance exam and interviews and he was accepted into the police force. He worked the area where he had grown up, and this meant that everyone knew him, and so he was trusted, and was able to understand what was going on in the area. He also occasionally had to arrest some of his old school friends for various crimes. It was always good to catch up with these mini-re-unions!

Keith was the youngest officer to go on to the CID, at the time, with only three years’ service as a uniformed cop. It was to become a fascinating, infuriating and incredible time. It was a roller-coaster ride which ended with a bump. Keith spent 25 years in the police service retiring in 2005 as a Detective Sergeant. He then began working for a global business, leading investigations, and currently Heads the Serious and Corporate Investigations Team.

He still lives in Nottingham and is engaged to Jackie. He has four wonderful children, twins, Chris and Andy, who lives with his fiancée Katie, a classical singer. Chris and Andy are also writers and have done some amazing bodies of work. His son, Harry is at university, doing a degree in Computer Science but has discovered a love of acting and has performed in various productions. ‘Follow your heart, son’. Then there is the lovely chatterbox, Lily, who is 9 years old and without knowing inspires Keith to keep on going. There is a lot of creativity in the Wright family!

Keith has a great relationship with Jackie’s grown up children, Aron and his partner Ayla, Ashley and his wife April, and Callum. With all the family interaction it is a wonder any writing gets done at all!

Keith’s novels are set in the 1980’s and involve the investigations of DI Stark and his team of detectives in Nottingham CID. It is no coincidence that the author was a Detective in Nottinghamshire CID in the 1980’s!





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