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**** Kain’s Driven Evolution                                     Review by Rox Burkey

Author S.K. Ballinger provides an in-depth character development of Kain Edward. Kain faces trials and tribulations, suffering huge losses of family and survivor’s guilt. His belief in mythological beings existing among humans drives his education and lands him a journalist position.

Kain, supported by friends in times of need, distances himself from those who do not share his beliefs. He needs to prove his werewolves, vampires, and other such creatures exist. His journalist position allows him to travel and continue his extensive documented research. After each step, his conviction dictates that he will expose these beings with only a bit more effort.

The audible quality was good. The narration style of Richard Yzaguirre left out some of the passion I would have expected injected into the listening experience. The voice intonations were inconsistent as characters returned in the story. I found this a good novella for those interested in learning details of the characters from the larger Swanson Series. Fans of mythology will enjoy this story and learning character details. In addition, this cover though busy is mesmerizing.

About the Author

Residing in Elkton, MD, I am thrilled to announce that two books have recently been released and are Sci-Fi thrillers. I began writing in 2014 and published my first novel in 2015. I’ve co-authored two horror novels and won 3rd place for the book ‘Unfleshed’ in the same year. In 2016, I took part in an anthology with all proceeds donated to a charity that the primary author chose. Since then, my wife and I are finalizing our Maryland business license as I continue writing my third sci-fi thriller titled ‘We, R Vol.3’. In 2019 I was offered an opportunity to host a few shows on which focuses on local artists, writers, musicians and other talents that surround the local area.

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