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An Adam Weldon Thriller

***** A nail biting adventure —- Review by Rox Burkey

Mr. McGinnis takes readers on an exciting sailing adventure throughout the Greek Islands. The tastes, sounds, and locations kept the excitement ramping from one wave to the next as Adam Weldon, Tripnee, and Sophia chased Islamic terrorists. The ports illustrated the lifestyles of the rich and famous with various expensive watercraft, local music, and delicious dining locations as a cover to get the radicals before they strike. The sailing techniques were delivered like scenes of a movie based on first-hand experiences. Citing book pages and verses highlighted the beliefs that added to the continual story tension.

Each cast member was relatable and believable from the carefully teased descriptions, actions, reactions, and snappy dialogue. Adam Weldon is incredibly resourceful, with a strength of character and conviction not often found. Listeners and readers get drawn into the story with the harsh truth that failure was not an option. The hardships each member endures quicken the listener’s heartbeat and fears that one of the good guys won’t recover. To accomplish the final goal, the cat-and-mouse race keeps the solution obscured until the unbelievable end.  

Narrator, voice action Tristan Wright delivers an outstanding performance. The perfect accents for the characters, flawless intonations, and tempo added to the action-packed adventure. The sounds of bullets, rapid-fire machine guns, and other sounds came to life. Cyclops Conspiracy stands on its own, but Adam Weldon is a character you should follow in this runaway success series. Fans of Action and adventure thrillers will thoroughly enjoy this from start to finish. Well done.

About the Author

William (Bill) McGinnis Bio A California native with a Master’s in English literature, William McGinnis is the award-winning author of the Adam Weldon Thriller Series, which includes Slay the Dragon, Cyclops Conspiracy, Gold Bay and Whitewater: A Thriller. McGinnis is one of the authors of Writer’s Success Secrets which hit #4 on the Wall Street Journal Best Seller List, #1 in Barnes and Noble, and #1 in all of its Amazon categories. Bill’s other books include Whitewater Rafting (long considered the bible of the sport), The Guide’s Guide Augmented: Reflections on Guiding Professional River Trips (used by river guides worldwide), Disaster on the Clearwater: Rafting Beyond the Limits, and Sailing the Greek Islands: Dancing with Cyclops. When he’s not writing, Bill swims, builds stuff in his workshop, stares into space, listens to audiobooks, and explores new paths to adventure, friendship, and growth. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. His author’s website is

About the Narrator

Tristan is a highly experienced narrator with over 250 titles to his credit, including both fiction and non-fiction. He also narrates under the pseudonym Tristan Josiah. He was recently awarded the Crowned Heart Award of Excellence. His vocal age is Young Adult to Adult and ranges from warm and friendly to edgy and direct. He brings over a decade of professional acting experience on stage and screen to his audiobook characters making them dynamic and engaging. Tristan can convincingly voice numerous accents as well as both male, female, and child voices. He is also an accomplished flautist.

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