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Author Kelly Marshall has created a dynamic duo detective time in Nick Winston and Pat Strom. Though this is the book of Author Marshall I have read, yet I didn’t feel like I missed anything. It’s a great standalone book. From the opening scene, the story takes off full speed ahead with the murder of a beloved priest Michael Dunne. A parishioner waiting to confess had no idea why she was waiting so long until she found the blood.

The “Winston and Strom” are made up of fearless Nick and steadfast Pat. They are as different as night and day yet complement one another’s strengths. Their long partnership illustrates their trust in one another, as they hunt the killer on the streets of Tacoma and Seattle. I like how they often complete the other’s thoughts with their dark banter. Pat seems to look a bit more ahead than Nick at times, as in this example.

“Besides, the hot tub in the bathroom is just divine.” She turned towards Maureen. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

Maureen Connor’s eyes widened. “Oh yeah!”

“Why don’t you grab whatever you need from your tent there and bring it with you, and we’ll have you soaking in the bubbles real soon.”

“Could I get a steak too?” Detective Elway rolled his eyes.

Strom smiled. “I think we could manage that. We’ll even have it delivered to the room.”

Maureen Connor’s smile stretched the full width of her face. “Damn. The leprechauns are taking care of me today.” She ducked into her tent and rummaged through a tangle of clothes and bedding.

“Are you crazy, Pat?” Nick sounded incredulous.

“We need Krebbs extradited. I think she can help us in court if need be.”

I found this fictional book, a no-holes-barred murder mystery. The plot is filled with twists and turns to the very end of the unexpected ending. The characters are colorful and well developed, making the story almost impossible to put down. As you read this gritty story, you will question everything. Is the priest a candidate for sainthood? Is the prime suspect the only possibility?

This book is a page-turner. If it captures you on page one, you won’t be able to resist rushing to the end. It is that well-written. I recommend it for adults who like the unexpected and appreciate a well-written story without an obvious ending.

About the Author

 Kelly Marshall is one of the most exciting Action and Adventure, Mystery writers. On her blog you learn that she finds writing is complicated, mysterious, and arduous. Kelly is continually learning and growing in the process of writing her award-winning novels.

Most writers will tell you they have a passion for words, and Kelly is no exception.

She is a former radio announcer who now spends her time writing saucy murder mysteries. Her writing time is carved out on weekend mornings while the rest of the house is still asleep.

Kelly is a federal employee who works for Social Security and a grandmother. The household consists of Dawson, my teenaged grandson, who keeps me on my toes. I have to admit; I’m not much help with homework. The math is new, and chemistry is a foreign language. There is also Penny, the Jack Russell who is always on the fringe of a nervous breakdown, and Panther, my fat cat whose entire existence is to eat as much as possible before he dies.

 Find and follow her at the links below.





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