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Audible review by Rox Burkey

Michael Sandels delivers a politically incorrect fiction that will make you laugh, chuckle, and think. He creates an imagined 2036 life in a place filled with injustice. The conversations and interactions are positioned as relating the distortion of the world’s future, due to social and political choices. You can enjoy this book regardless of your voting party preferences but only if you have a sense of humor.

2036 is laid out with a focus on people and communities that remain.  One of the chapters, Above Myrtle Beach, June 4, 2036 introduces listeners (readers) to Ted and Bob.  Their conversation takes you on a serious, yet whimsical tour of life at that time with creative license.

Ted and Bob were both smiling and feeling like they were floating in the sky. “This is the life.”

            “Oh, yeah,” responded Ted, “You kidding?”

            “Just checking.”

            (They relaxed and drank from cups with paper umbrellas.) “So no more saying anything?” Ted asked Bob.


            “About it?”


            “Abut Him too? Can I even say ‘Him’?”

            “just probably don’t,”

            “And this is not the law?”

            “That’s what I hear.”

            “From the Administration?”

            “Well, yes. And Facebook.”

            “Can I even say that now? ‘The Administration? Without getting’ a look-see from above? From ‘Space Force!’?”

And on these guys go while applying their 147 sunblock. Each area of the remaining world highlighted in each chapter provides those characters’ viewpoint and highlights the errors made that resulted in this new world, while Facebook watches everyone and everything.

Michal Sandels provides a fabulous rendition of the story using distinct voices and specific accents in a non-stop manner that kept me fully engaged. Michael is closest to the story he created and effectively uses his voice to make this an enjoyable experience. I can say with confidence that no one would subscribe to this as the outcome of our world, so it will give you pause.

About the Author/Narrator

Michael Sandels is the writer of many novels, plays, screenplays, short stories, and his own stand-up comedy. He received a BA in English from Carleton College in 1986 and an MFA from Temple University in 1989. Hailing from Chicago and LA, Mike now lives in Northern New Jersey with his family of 6. His novels, “2036, The Year Trump Stepped Down! A Horrifying, Factual Account!” “Two Thumbs Sticking Up”, “artism; Art is Murder”,”It’s the End of the Word as We Know It; A Comic Explanation for Today’s World”, “Special Sauce”, the autobiographical “Portrait of a Young Couple”, and his children’s book “The Magical ABC Phone Book” are available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook either now or soon, on Audible, Amazon, Kindle, and others. Please see Mike’s website at  Mike appreciates you reading his books (please leave a good review, gentle reader). Love.

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