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*****Mystery Par Excellence! Review by Rox Burkey

Author CW Hawes sets the stage immediately for a different sort of mystery. His writing is delicious and easily consumed. The main characters Justinia, Bea, and Harry, are inspiring and obviously a great team. Justinia (Tina as she is called by friends and family) is different in a powerful and logical way. She is a  like a modern-day Sherlock Holmes, totally interesting.

Bobby Joseph Frieden’s character is well developed as the grieving nephew trying to resolve his uncle’s death. As the team digs into the Frieden family, the nine dolls clearly hold symbolistic voodoo connotations.

I enjoyed the interwoven simple mixture of work and life. This makes this book more distinctive.

“After supper, we took our tea and apple pandowdy to the office. I gave Tina my report on my time at the hospital and the status of Frieden’s condition. She told me she’d got hold of David, Gwen, and Ed and put them to work.  David Nagasawa is the best freelance operative south of the North Pole. Gwen Poisson is a hacker extraordinaire, as well as being an excellent detective. Ed Hafner isn’t in the same league as the other two, but he is reliable and better than most.  Tina said, “David, and Ed are to discover what the word on the street is concerning Men Nwa Nan Lanmò.”

The good aspects of this story are numerous. I liked the ease of the telling and the fun banter between siblings, Justinia, and Harry. The discussion on real private investigation work was refreshing and added to reality from this story.

Highly recommend this for people who enjoy mystery books, but also like the down to earth. I do look forward to reading other stories about Justinia. Strangely the book did make me hungry. Odd! No R rating on this one.

About the Author

CW Hawes is an award winning poet and novelist.

He’s most known for his Justinia Wright Private Investigator Mysteries series, set in Minneapolis, Minnesota; The Rocheport Saga, a post-apocalyptic series set in America’s Midwest; and the Pierce Mostyn Paranormal Investigations series, set wherever there be monsters.

His love of fine food, interesting places, philosophy, music, art, books, and history can be seen in each of his tales.

CW was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, and made his home in Minneapolis, Minnesota for 45 years. He now lives in Katy, Texas with his wife and cat.

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    2 replies to "The Nine Deadly Dolls: A Justinia Wright Private Investigator Mystery"

    • Kelly Marshall

      I just recently read The Nine Deadly Dolls. I found it a delightful mystery with very unique characters. Tina is a hoot.
      Kelly Marshall

      • RoxBurkey

        Agree, Tina is a define piece of work. Thank you for stopping by.

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