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***** Captivating and Compelling Drama                                         Review by Rox Burkey

Author Eichin Chang-Lim weaves a story to enjoy and reflect upon during the winding, divergent path of two people’s relationship. The storytelling is delivered in succinct pieces that capture a reader’s imagination while taking them right into this emotional story. The three-dimensional character development is a result of the choices made by the individuals during their life-journey.

The evolution of the personalities is executed to perfection. The reader sees a view of the resilient Violet when she tries so hard to regain her parents’ attention following the death of her twin sister.

 “ “Got up earlier, hmm?” he whispered.

Violet nodded excitedly and proceeded with her top-secret operation. After extracting a chef’s knife from the knife set, she carefully cut the pepper in long strips, paying special attention to keep them the same length and width. She cut the tomato in the same fashion. An hour later, the kitchen was filled with the invigorating aroma of sautéed vegetables.

Now it was time for the finishing touches. The veggie-ham omelet sat folded in the center of a plate, flanked by a mug of creamy, freshly brewed coffee. Aidan offered to carry the tray, undoubtedly a little worried that his sometimes overly enthusiastic ten-year-old daughter would spill it. Violet carried a bouquet of daffodils she had picked from their yard. She was lured to the yellow flowers, thinking that no one could be unhappy looking at such a bright and cheerful color.”

The author carefully sets the stage for love between Dylan and Violet, aka Cheetos with a gift. Dylan presents Violet a heart pendant, with his associated key necklace to represent their forever love. Life deals both Violet and Dylan with a hefty share of hardship, that they each must conquer. As they individually grow, dealing with the real-world issues you will question if these lovers are star-crossed or destined for success. You’ll need to read to the end for that though provoking answer.

I must admit this is my first experience with Eichin Chang-Lim, but it won’t be my last. I highly recommend The Love Lock if you enjoy romantic suspense that is not a cookie cutter story but rather a well thought out suspense. Five stars for a haunting yet realistic plot with a remarkable ending.

About the Author

Dr. Eichin Chang-Lim is a semiretired optometrist, a multi-award-winning author, a wife, and a mother to 2 children. She and her husband had a private optometry practice in Los Angeles. They live in Orange County, California.

In a recent interview, the author said, “You might have noticed that romance and inspirational are my niche genres. I write romance because I find it to be an intriguing genre. Relationships are quite involved in real life. Therefore, I use romance to depict the intricacies of relationships. Ultimately, it evolves into an inspirational and thought-provoking tale. Readers will discover that I tend to tell love stories beyond the confines of romance. I strive to convey the kind of love that is much broader and more profound than romantic or physical love. I strongly believe that love is more than a four-letter word. It’s multidimensional. It involves sacrifice, forgiveness, trust, demoting one’s ego, or even ‘letting it go’ at times. I also like to encompass the love of friendship, family, and even little pets in my stories.”

“As a romance writer, I write with my heart and soul. My mindset is that if my story can make a difference in even one person’s life, it’s all worth it, and that’s what love is all about,” she added.

Eichin modeled during college in Taiwan and was in several short films, including a supporting role in the comedy Indy/feature film Winning Formula. She has written five books: FLIPPING: An Uplifting Novel of Love, A Mother’s Heart: Memoir of a Special Needs Parent, Love: A Tangled Knot, The LoveLock, and YOUR PRECIOUS SIGHT: An Optometrist’s Most Memorable Cases

During the preorder period, YOUR PRECIOUS SIGHT hit the #1 New Release in seven categories at least once: Optometry, Physician & Patient Diagnosis, Eye Problems, Reference, Preventive Medicine, Aging, and Ophthalmology.

Besides acting and writing, she loves opera and a big bear hug. Learn more about the author at

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    • Yvette M Calleiro

      I enjoyed this story as well. Eichin is a great storyteller. Thanks for sharing your review, Rox! 🙂

      • RoxBurkey

        Hi Yvette, Thank you for stopping by. I am almost finished with Flippin too.

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