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***** Enchanting Escape Review by Rox Burkey

Author LM Mann’s gift is to engage with readers, young and old. I know this is designed for kids, but perfect for brightening up a day for an adult. These two cats are aligned to their species, independent and curious. 

This is a sensational book, delighting children with every page turn. The story and illustrations are so much fun. I would love to see an add on a coloring book for the kids to keep the adventure going. The author LM Mann is to be commended for excellence in encouraging children to read and try to copy the pictures.  Well done!

The perfect Christmas gift!

About the author

LM (Lydia) Mann is a writer, video producer, and dreamer of big dreams. A native Texan, LM loves BBQ, working with kids, critters, and summer camp! When not flying with dragons, LM spends time volunteering with Airborne Angel Cadets of Texas and church.

Lydia has a passion for working with children.  For over 30 years, she has worked with summer camps across the US producing videos for camps.   She has coached children in basketball and soccer programs through her church, and conducted creative writing workshops with schools and camps.

Lydia and her sister, C.J. Peterson, both award-winning authors, have formed their own publishing company, Texas Sisters Press, LLC.   “We have goals for our own books, but we also want to reach out to other authors who are looking for assistance with publishing books,” LM Mann said. 

Lydia hopes to inspire young readers to develop a passion for reading as she did as a child.  “It is extremely important to help children develop a love of reading.  Reading allows children not only to do better in school, but instills a love of learning and supports their natural curiosity.  I still remember the magic moment when my dad was reading me the same book that he had to read me every night before bed when I realized I was actually reading the words on my own,” she said.

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