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***** Magnificent Culinary Adventure —– Review by Rox Burkey

Cathy Connally and Charlie Best assembled a work of art. This book deserves the coveted spot on your coffee table for guests to thumb through the magnificent photos. As each destination is conquered, a dazzling food and drink recipe from the region is delivered.

This fun travel-food recipe book borders on a narcotic with its rich regional visuals and handsomely styled recipes that will have you hunting for ingredients in a quest to create. The rich feel and texture of the book say this is more than a simple cookbook.

Imagine tackling each one of the recipes each month with a household of friends so we could explore the food and discuss the photos from the region. This book is the foundation of a friendship experience and exchange rather than a chronicled tour and food exploration.

The details provided on calorie counting, food substitution in case of allergies, and even some hints of what the dish will taste like on each recipe make this beyond impressive. Ms. Connally and Mr. Best create an adventure you cannot ignore. As the reader explores the offerings in each region, the nutritionists’ claim that the Mediterranean diet is much healthier than other Western cultures becomes a startling reality. It is easy to highly recommend that readers and fans of cooking zone out in this culinary extravaganza. This book helps you watch your calorie intake while delivering an incredible taste journey to share with friends and family. Cooking with this cook will become your new full-time job. Buon appetite!

About the Authors

Cathy Connally’s culinary career had an inauspicious start at nine years old, with the renovation of her mother’s kitchen involving the Yellow Springs, Ohio fire department. Later, to the horror of a high school teacher in St. Peter, Minnesota, she would win a Betty Crocker Award, only because she was good at math. This vote of confidence would propel her into internal audit in the global mining sector and eventually to a career as an entrepreneur in technology. Eating countless takeout meals while driving hours to put out project “fires,” was leading to a slow train wreck on the health front. She recalled a lesson she had learned at five years old about food as medicine. This led to the birth of “Flavour with Benefits,” the pursuit of flavour that doesn’t compromise on health. Cathy also loves adding a side dish of travel to her life, which has included sixty countries. Relaxation involves cooking and baking and spending time with family.

Charley Best decided after decades of banging his head against the wall of entrepreneurialism in technology and financial compliance, he would author books to improve mindfulness and health. His work with co-author, Cathy Connally, of Flavour with Benefits: France, and now Flavour with Benefits: Sicily & Calabria, has helped him change his life through the concept of Flavour with Benefits, and has given him a lot to chew on. He is not only a believer in the positive effects of the Flavour with Benefits approach to plant-centric nutrition and the enjoyment of gourmet food, but he’s also developed a stand-up comedy routine about the benefits. As an avid photographer with drones and traditional equipment, his photos complete the stories and experiences in their books. He loves playing guitar, and taking pictures of hummingbirds and spends many hopeful hours by a window with a camera, willing the snow to melt, pining for the birds to return. He prefers the dainty female birds; the males can be annoyingly territorial and narcissistic. This is his third book, and the entrepreneurial head banging continues.

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    4 replies to "Flavour with Benefits: Sicily & Calabria"

    • Charley Best

      Thank you Roxanne. Your kind words mean a lot. We had such a great time in Sicily and Calabria doung rhe photography and research. As a fellow author, whose award-winning books we love, you know it is an interesting journey.

      • RoxBurkey

        Great book with stunning photos and mouth-watering ideas for gourmet delights. We should do a Texas short cooking and incorporate it into the Magnolia Bluff Crime Chronicles. The Killer Enigma is on sale for $.99 for another couple of days. Thanks for the comment.

    • Charley Best

      Wonderful feedback on our latest book, Flavour with Benefits: Sicily & Calabria. Thank you!

      Now we need to find a way to weave in gourmet food, evil flavour engineering and a global health crisis into Book 13 in The Enigma Series.

      • RoxBurkey

        Better to have great food for the hackers to gorge on and then self-destruct. Thank you Charley for stopping by my blog

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