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Dr. Hofmann provides a step-by-step guide to helping you achieve the smile you deserve without spending a fortune. He reminds readers that the mouth is a person’s signature organ. It often makes the first impression and is the gateway to good health. The choices made impact much more than just the teeth and gums. Dr. Hofmann shows that five of the major causes of death in America are related to the mouth.

He debunks several common beliefs, like the value of Apple Cider Vinegar in your daily regimen. He offers valuable insights and practical ways of eliminating tooth decay, such as Silver Diamine Fluoride which works to save the strength of the tooth as well as saving money and time for the patient.

I found Chapter 12, Basic Terminology, a valuable resource which can help a patient understand dentistry. The pictures, explanations and recommendations remind us that care for the smile is NOT just a once a day brushing or flossing.

Dr. Hofmann believes in putting the patient first rather than dollars. He recommends that patients seek second opinions when they believe an alternative solution might help them.

This expert’s book would be valuable for high school students as they seek a resource for good health and life. I would recommend this to anyone seeking the truth in dental care.

About the Author

Dr. Peter Hofmann is both a dentist and accomplished artist as he is photographed here with his own creation. Peter is the son of a diplomat, had the privilege of living in many developing nations. His studies were both academic and cultural. He graduated from the dental school at UT San Antonio Health Science Center and served as a member of the ADA, TDA, and the Dallas Dental Society for most of his 43-year career.

He served as an officer in the dental society for 3 years and developed a repair material to rescue teeth in difficult situations. Ironically, it saved him on the 3rd day of a month-long mission to Africa. Whether with Indigenous Indians or the urban patient, he has adapted innovative preventive cures as well as treatment methods to restore oral health. In the process, he discovered concepts and products that saved his own health. His findings paved the way to teach and guide others along the path to a healthy mouth and body.

In his practice of dentistry, he emphasizes Preventive Care, Cosmetic Dentistry, and cutting-edge dentistry which includes the best way to grow bone for Implants, and General Dentistry. Dr, Hoffman helps people by designing solutions to difficult or misdiagnosed dental issues.

You can find additional information at including social media links.

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