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When Tori Winters becomes the star witness in a murder trial, someone tries to kill her. Terrified, she’s not giving the killer a second chance. With all her worldly possessions packed in her car, Tori is on the run. A mysterious phone call about an inheritance leads her to Granbury. After all, who would look for her in a small, quaint Texas town?

Instead, Tori’s life is about to spin into an existence where nothing is as it seems. The historic house she inherits is steeped in secrets from the past. Secrets that may prove deadly. A stranger in a strange town, who can she trust? There is the disinherited step-grandson and the lawyer and his son. What are they hiding?

Tori’s inheritance may not be a blessing when a killer strikes again. It could be her death warrant.


Award-winning author Anita Dickason is a twenty-two-year veteran of the Dallas Police Department. She served as a patrol officer, undercover narcotics detective, advanced accident investigator, SWAT tactical officer, and the team’s first female sniper.

Anita’s extensive law enforcement experience and knowledge provide the inspiration for her plots, and characters. She writes about what she knows, cops and crime.

Her works have received multiple awards from Book Viral Millennium Book Awards, Readers’ Favorite Book Awards, Literary Titan Book Awards, Independent Author Network Book Awards, and Speak Up Talk Radio Firebird Award.







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    8 replies to "DEADLY KEEPSAKES"

    • Anita Dickason

      Thank you for hosting my new book, Deadly Keepsakes. This has been such a fun and inspiring book blog tour. I so appreciate your help and interest. Have a great day.

      • RoxBurkey

        Hi Anita. Thrilled you stopped by. You delivered a winner. Enjoy the rest of the tour.

    • Jan Sikes

      I thoroughly enjoyed this book! Thanks for showcasing it, Rox and a big congratulations to Anita!!

      • RoxBurkey

        Hi Jan,

        You are so supportive. I love all the reviews I have read so far on this tour. Anita writes amazing sotires.

    • Lou Kemp

      I’m hoping everyone stops by this blog— it is user friendly and I loved seeing Anita’s new book profiled here. If you haven’t read it yet, Deadly Keepsakes is worth a read, and highly recommended. The small town where it takes place is a small town, but with some deadly surprises too.

      • RoxBurkey

        Lou thank you for stopping by for visit. It is fun story to feature on the blog.

    • Marian Beaman

      I missed the Giveaway, Rox, but I am enjoying perusing your blog. You are kind to share other authors’ works, like Anita’s. Write on!

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