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***** Irresistible tongue-in-cheek humor Review by Rox Burkey

Author Jim Flynn writes a fabulous story about the life and times of Jimmy Sizemore. Jimmy tells the no holes barred, tongue-in-cheek story of his life filled with accomplishments and how they built upon one another. He is open about his wealth and the doors it can open including educational achievement as an astrophysicist.

Each of the vignettes, as he takes you on his life’s journey, are filled with history, insights, commentary, humor, and reasons for everyone to try to make the most of their life. Jim Flynn builds a believable and enviable man who accomplished his life goalsdespite his parents and oddly different brother.

Jimmy tells his story and sets the reader/listener up early for his fictional memoir contents and then you simply cannot stop. Perhaps it’s my age and familiarity with space travel, The Eagles, Joe Paterno, and The Masters Golf Tournament that kept me listening, but this is one character I want to invite to dinner, perhaps when Ben Franklin can join too. This following segment is a masterfully written reader grabber. Spoken by the delightful voice actor Gary Williams-the story is realistically fictional.

“If I were going to have a gravestone a fitting epitaph would be “They had to pick somebody.” I have been chosen to or qualified for many wonderful things. Like to be an astronaut, play in the Super Bowl, compete in the Hawaii Ironman. Oh Yeah and become an Astrophysicist. Play in the Masters. I had a small role in advising The Eagles with some lyrics. Some other things.

Only some of these things were random. I chose as a kid to accomplish big things. I didn’t have a specific list, I just looked for things to accomplish that were out of the ordinary. It was easier for me because I didn’t have to worry about little things, like making a living. Ordinary people get nervous around really rich, or famous, or powerful people. Not me.”

The matter-of-fact rendition is hysterical and often includes LIFE TIPs along the way. These little take aways are fun and contain great content, whether you can prove it or not. I truly buy into his LIFE TIP on being a good tipper. It is an investment if you frequent a place often. Being nice to the staff doesn’t hurt either. This is a story you can listen to and laugh, suck in your breath in awe, and pause for a moment to check if you heard it right before LOFL. Life Lesson – In this case that translates into Laughing Out Freaking Loud

This is my first book by Jim Flynn, but it won’t be the last. It is easy reading or listening as well as captivating. Out of the park, or should I say Hole in one, sincerity.  The quality of the audio was fantastic, and Gary Williams inserted the feeling, pauses, and emphasis in perfect alignment to Jimmy. I wouldn’t change a thing. A Winner.

About the Author

Jim Flynn worked in the financial industry for 35 years. He is currently writing the JR Johnson book series, and has published the first two volumes, Losing Lola, and The Bitcoin Gambit. Losing Lola won The Audiobook Reviewer award for Best Thriller in 2020. The books are written as financial thrillers with humor. Flynn is currently writing the third installment of the series.

The first book Flynn published was Be Sincere Even When You Don’t Mean It, a humorous fictional memoir.

Flynn lives on a farm on Northwest Connecticut. For more information, see website:

About the Narrator – Gary Williams

BIG VOICE….small ego. The voice behind literally hundreds of commercials and narrations for dozens of Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller firms around the world. (See credits below). My mother wanted me to be a doctor…hey, I’ve played one many times in my career and have yet to pay for malpractice insurance! My friends still can’t figure out what I do for a living. That’s fine with me as long as the checks continue to clear!

Learn more about Gary Williams

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    • Jan Sikes

      What an interesting story and background, Rox. Thank you for sharing!

      • RoxBurkey

        Hey Jan, I promise you will chuckle. The audio narration is awesome. Thanks for stepping in to visit.

    • Gwen Plano

      Fascinating story, Rox. I’ve never thought about the voice behind commercials. Thanks for sharing.

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