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Jean Lant takes creative liberties in relating life events for two women supporting a law office in Las Vegas. The tag line on front of the book -Inspired by true life events- will have you asking which parts are real and which are a part of some creative imagination. 

Ginny and Buttons are the two main characters placed in tough position of doing what their boss says, or losing their job. During the 1980s and 1990s the office workers, mostly women, fell into these types of routines in business. Both characters are interesting because of their challenges outside of work. The amiable pair often find things to laugh about, making their jobs a bit easier, even when they totally question their direct boss’s motives. Setting the story in Las Vegas leaves room for the reader to make their own judgements along the way.

Bag Ladies is classified in Drama, Plays, and Theater which might be ideal as a next evolution of the format. In the novella style this is a lot like reading a diary or eavesdropping near the breakroom, with added quirky twists and turns of life sprinkled in for fun. This book contains highs and lows as well as fear, loathing, and uncertainty since after all this is Las Vegas. This novella might be classified in alternate genres like Women in Business and Occupational Psychology.

Buttons has worked in the law firm longer than Ginny and is trusted by the head attorney, Annie. Annie seems to be grasping for the brass ring. Early on the reader gets a view when Ginny confronts Buttons for the inside scoop. There is a scene during this discussion which is sad, yet these two find humor.

“…Oh, that reminds me, I need to take you to the bank today and show you how to cash a check out of Annie’s trust account.  She needs to pay more to Ferrell. Actually, the whole thing is really bizarre as you said.”

            I sat perfectly still for a moment and stared at her. It felt like I was watching a lifetime movie. All that was missing was the murder and mayhem.

            “So, are we really bag ladies?” I asked. “I thought it was just kind of a silly joke thing. You’re telling me it’s not?”

            I proceeded to burst out laughing. Buttons soon followed me. In moments, the two of us were in hysterics…”

The highs and lows of uncertain employment is explored in detail. A book worth exploring if you want to decide what is truth and what is fiction. Different times, different styles. Share your thoughts after you read it.

About the Author

Jean Lant is retired and currently living in Texas with her husband, Rick. They have an incredible blended family which they proudly refer to as the reversed Brady Bunch. Jean has 3 Sons and Rick has 3 Daughters, together they have 10 grandchildren.

Jean started her writing adventures when she worked for CNI Newspapers in the 80’s at the Wauwatosa Division, which is a suburb of Milwaukee, WI. She did fluff stories and enjoyed writing play and movie reviews. In addition, Jean did a lot of ghost writing for her daughter’s MS degree.

Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI, Jean always believed she was born to travel. In 1996 she and her husband picked up and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Throughout her life she has had many jobs such as Crew Member for Trader Joe’s, Secretary in lots of different offices; She worked in the legal world for a while where she managed a Law office. After moving to Texas in 2007, she and Rick changed jobs again. They opened a handyman business and worked part time for a Travel Agency. They’ve traveled on more than 50 cruises and 6 river trips, each event enriching their life together.

When they Jean decided that she wanted to try her hand at writing a novel they closed their business, stopped working for Travel and Jean sat down and wrote her first novel.

Rumor has it that she has at least 3 more book ideas in her head.

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