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the Virtual Divide details a realistic perspective on working in the 21st century. My personal experience in technology enabling companies around the globe for collaboration can relate and learn from Ronald B. Beach’s points of view for management and leadership of virtual teams. New and seasoned managers can easily digest and learn from this book. I would recommend it as required reading in International Business and Management degrees.

I really enjoyed the way this book is laid out. The highlighted takeaways at the end of each chapter are succinct points which the reader can easily remember. The organization of this book categorizes each area for reference in the future. Working today is very different from even 20 years ago because technology allows resources to be optimized in very different ways. The diverse workforce allows for diverse points of view that when properly managed can positively impact an organization.

Leadership is very different and the training for a manager is critical to effectively guiding a team. For example, Ronald points out after relating his experience working with a teammate from Japan, “…you always need to be aware that your meaning can be lost in translation.” This section actually reminded me that many managers have this issue with a diverse team in the same building due to mixed age, language accents, and gender. The expanding virtual workforce that companies have is amplifying the situation to the extreme. Countering the feeling of isolation of managers and team member is possible with face-to-face communications, video conferencing, and effective honest conversations, which can develop and strengthen the bonds a team needs to optimize their performance.

Ronald points out the diversity of cultures and styles can and should be embraced to create a powerful virtual team. He also places emphasis on managing versus leading. Organizations need to insure their leaders and managers are aware of methods for optimizing team performance and provide the tools to them.  There are several tools outlined within this book which should be reviewed and considered as positive options.

I liked this book and can easily recommend it to others. I also look forward to the next in this Virtual Nuggets series. Ronald’s background and real-world experience make this easily digestible and memorable.  Please take a read and let me know if you agree.

About the Author – Ronald B Beach

Ron B Beach (Ph.D.), has a broad background that includes operational management experience in manufacturing and service, extensive international expertise in work and culturally. His determination is likely a combination of his Marine training with overseas deployments and law enforcement. Of particular note is his 12 years at Hitachi Computer Products, where he received training by the very best Japanese executives in Japanese management methods and operation techniques.

He brings his background in managing virtual organizations of over 100 online professors, more than 21 online degree programs, and consulted in developing online training courses on the graduate undergraduate and doctoral level for universities in the United States and Singapore. He is personally knowledgeable in real-world business practices, and the latest trends in effectively leading virtual organizations. You can explore more about Ron B Beach at

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