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***** Imagination Gone Crazy                             Review by Rox Burkey

This collection of attributes to madness delivers unexpected stories. The majority of the nearly thirty globally represented authors featured in this volume were new for me. I found myself mesmerized with the wit and charm of these tales. It is a fictional collection and yet several times I wondered at how close some might be to reality.

Each of the stories entertained me while several called me back to reread or go explore the writer’s other works. Most of the stories began with a kick and pulled me effortlessly to the conclusion, sometimes begging for more. Several had distinctive lines that made me laugh or smile.

In A New Start, by Nicola Foster, the main character Royston the writer has food delivery with substitutes. The insanity of the choices made me chuckle more than once “Oh…Mr Murcon? Food delivery, two substitutes, no cream cheese and chive so it’s quark and no French sticks so you’ve got hot cross buns.”

In Rachel, Above The Clouds, While Flying, by Joseph Carrabis, I was captivated with the exchanges between Benny and Rachel—endearing resolution. The bantering is relatable, “‘Something light’, ha ha. Funny, Raech. You’re so close to the sun you could take a bath in its radiation and you want to hear something light?”

The story In Too Deep, by Dominick Cancilla, was the discussion between Robert and Bob and the story. It reminded me that feedback from a friend can be crazy when they debate the various story threads and breadcrumbs. “It does if Alexandro is crazy and his short story is actually a true story about a real skeleton that he brought to life.” I recommend this story to those who want to explore a variety of writing talent, delivered in bite-sized pieces. Each story stands on its own merit. Though I honestly did not particularly like a couple of them I enjoyed the quality of the storytelling from start to finish. Some I read more than once. Jumping into the fourth volume had me tagging the other volumes to be read list. The variety is delicious.

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    4 replies to "The Rabbit Hole-Weird Stories Volume Four"

    • Nicola Forster

      Thank you so much for the review Rox! I’m so pleased ‘A New Start’ made you chuckle, it’s such a thrill to know my writing has put a smile on someone’s face!

      • RoxBurkey

        Hi Nicole, thank you for stopping in. Please return often for other book reviews.

    • GD Deckard

      WoW Rox, Thank you for the review of “The Rabbit Hole-Weird Stories Volume Four.” We’ve enjoyed publishing The Rabbit Hole for the last few years. It’s amazing, how many good submissions come in from around the world. There’s more talent out there than there are anthologies and we’re blessed to know so many good authors. So, of course, we are working on The Rabbit Hole, Vol V, “Just Plain Weird.”
      Submissions guidelines are at:
      Thanks again for the review!
      – GD Deckard, Writers Co-op

      • RoxBurkey

        Thank you for stopping by. These stories are delightful and I hope more people enjoy the talented contributions of all the authors. Return often.

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