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***** Love comes from so many places —- Review by Rox Burkey

Kathleen Shields takes her childhood memories and shares them in this exceptional children’s book. Her books never disappoint readers of every age, and the graphics are engaging. The First Unicorn takes young readers on a journey of life and choices for love and respect. Horses at the story’s start are like people—some good, others not. The actions of one particular horse set him apart from the others. God notices the kindness and love in the horse’s heart and gives him the golden horn. Jealousy or fear makes the other horses kick him out of the herd for being different. Being different can be special or a burden, and the young horse has to find his way to the answers.

A tipping point occurs when his mother is mortally injured. Members of the herd let him know so he can pay his respects. His prayers are heard, and a miracle occurs that young readers will cherish. It is a faith-based story but so much more. The ability of a group of horses or people to find ways to believe in love, help one another, and shun bullying is a message for all young people. This is a story siblings, parents, or grandparents can share with youngsters on the right and wrong ways to treat others.

Ms. Shields always delivers a message that resonates with children and adults. I highly recommend this book for families to share openly about right from wrong. Grab this outstanding book just in time for holiday gift-giving.

About the author

Kathleen J. Shields is a prolific writer with nearly 40 published books! She is creative, highly imaginative and an extremely dedicated, hardworking individual. Some award-winning books are “Hamilton Troll’s Adventures” and “The Painting” which is Christian Fiction, The First Unibear and The First Unicorn. She also runs her own graphic and website design company as well as a Publishing Company.   Kathleen has been writing poetry and rhyming stories for decades both for fun and for hire in custom greeting cards and for local speaking engagements. She enjoys sharing her rhyming stories and talking with folks about how they, too can write if they put their mind to it. Learn more about this author at

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    2 replies to "The First Unicorn"

    • Jan Sikes

      I loved Kathleen’s book so much. I read it aloud to my granddaughter and we both enjoyed the sweet tale with a wonderful message. Thanks for sharing, Rox!

      • RoxBurkey

        I ordered a couple for family gifts. Terrific message and I loved the graphics.
        Thank you for stopping by, Jan.

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