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I have a special discussion to share with you about a man who i have known for a long time. He has supported my co-author, Charles Breakfield, and me with several aspects related to our award-winning Enigma Series. I thought you might enjoy a bit of this insight.

Good day, Nathan, let’s tell my reader and author friends about EBG 24/7 and how it got started. EBG was founded in 2007. After my mother wanted to get a book published that she wrote. I saw all of the hoops that she had to jump through while going to a traditional publisher. Edits and rewrites two three drafts later for a redicioulas fee. After all that her book never saw the light of day. We sat down and decided there has got to be a better way. I had just graduated college (again) and decided i should use my degrees for good. So we started E Books Galore.

You have several services designed to support authors of all genres, which ones are used the most frequently? Our Graphic Design service is used most frequently. EBG can accommodate your digital design needs from small website banners to trade show displays. 

Which ones are little known gems that you can provide to help authors differentiate themselves? We help you engage with your audience to open up a line of communication about the genre you write in. If you are passionate about the content someone else is too. We have created customized designs for special events, launch parties, and even luncheons with booklets, giveaways, and eyecatching machines.

Why do you like supporting authors? Authors are storytellers, the most unique form of entertainment from the beginning of time. A good storyteller can be captivating.

Your main website has been  but a little bird told me you might expand to other sites for other services. Can you give readers some insights as to what, where, and when? We have embarked on a new adventure with capelstudio.

Capelstudio is an online digital design platform that provides business owners and entrepreneurs with their marketing needs. From print services to business cards and custom clothing. If you want your branding to stand out, we got it covered “from paper to professional”  We are expanding our services in the near future to web hosting as well as web design. Setting up marketing channels to increase your exposure and even video packages for digital commercials. You can find us at We strive to build relationships with our clients. Our montra ‘You succeed – We succeed!’

How do you like to work with your authors? EBG will work one-on-one with authors to develop a clear understanding of what they need to promote their brand.

What drives you batty in working with some authors? Every author has individual goals and we work hard to see their vision.  Clear communication is the largest hurdle we have to overcome. Help us see your long term goals.

Are you available to talk to author groups and how does that work? We are available to meet with groups when scheduling permits. If you have an event and would like to hear what we have to say please contact us at or

What is your favorite aspect in working with authors? My favorite aspect in working with authors is in seeing their passion about what they write and the world that surrounds it. Like an author craves reviews, knowing the success stories we contribute to are always motivating.

Where do you think you will be in five years with your offerings and how will technology impact your services? Our services are dependent on new technologies. We strive to keep up to date with the new trends and use them to better serve our clients. Software is always evolving and newer more efficient technologies are constantly being developed. Time is fleeting and always in demand.

Anything else you would like to share with readers? If there is anything that you need and are not able to find a solution for, send us an email. We would be happy to help or at least point you in the right direction. We have multiple broker accounts with other vendors and can usually find what you’re looking for.

Nathan, thank you for providing a bit of insight to how you can help authors. Great partners are important to any business.

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