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A Novel of Hope (Reflection Series)

**** A journey of faith and family Review by Rox Burkey

Mr. Cavazos explores the unforgettable journey of a young woman, Brooklyn, whose world is turned upside down by cancer treatment and the horrific side effects. The story conveys the feeling of an angry, privileged young woman of 21 coming to grips with reality. The love of her parents and younger sister isn’t enough. She fights to stop her cancer treatment and sets herself above others while grappling with how to relate to her Heavenly Father. Individuals deserve the right of choice, and she is an adult entitled to make her way.

 Devotedly Christian, her family tries to dictate her journey, only to discover that their daughter has her own path. Brooklyn yearns for wide-open spaces and travels to the breathtaking landscape of Montana. She visits her grandmother and learns more about life and prayers than she ever learned by attending church with her family.

The character development is good but a bit unrelatable. Her mother is controlling, while Brooklyn comes across as shallow and self-centered. These traits, to a degree, are transferred to her sister.  Brooklyn’s remarkable adventure to Montana exposes questions about her experience with others, including the young man she meets. Their interesting relationship helps Brooklyn bridge the next step in her journey.

The narration by Juli Brooks is flawless, with good pace and intonations in the audiobook format. Listening to the story was a great experience that hid some story blemishes.

Missing Reflections is a good story about maintaining faith in God. Those fond of clean and wholesome romance will enjoy the twist in the ending that explores the future Brooklyn missed. The message is positive and one no one should miss.

About the Author

Author Robert Cavazos

Robert Cavazos is a Christian author. He is also a technical writer for business-related documents concerning ISO 9000 standards by day. Writing Christian fiction was the natural creative direction of his passion. When he is not sitting in front of the computer figuring out his next book, he enjoys the great outdoors. Robert is a passionate advocate for charities and the people who support them. He lives in the U.S. with his wife. Please check out his new books and send him any comments or suggestions.

Check out his website at

About the Narrator

I’m Juli Brooks.

​I’m passionate about reading and learning.

For over 23 years, I’ve read books aloud to my children, and now I do the same thing professionally.

I’m an educator, an Air Force veteran, and a small business owner, and I really enjoy working with talented authors from all walks of life.

From my rural farm in southern Colorado, I’ve built a sound studio with some of the best equipment, microphones, mixers, and software to provide you with a quality sound to your projects.

​I hold a Master’s of Education and a Bachelor’s of Psychology, and I’ve taught in public schools and at home for about 20 years. I provide professional sound quality and audio narration for a wide range of genres, everything from self-help to science fiction, and I really look forward to working with you!

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